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Bank of America CLI

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Bank of America CLI

I need some advice with my Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Visa Platinum Plus Card...


Back in 2013, I opened this card, it started out with only a $1,000 limit. Within the first year, I was given 2 CLI's, $1500, and $2000. However, after my 2nd increase to $2,000 I stopped getting them. Every 6 months, I've been asking for an increase, but I keep getting denied, and each time it's for a different reason. As of 2 weeks ago (10/29/21), I was approved for the Capital One Venture Card with a $5,000 limit and the Chase Amazon Visa with a $3,300 limit. And both cards are Visa Signatures.


Because of both approvals, I decided to try for another CLI request with Bank of America , but was denied. I'm confused, because the letter states that due to delinquincies (that are 2+ years old) on my credit report, I'm not elligible for a CLI at this time. These delinquincies were with 2 previous capital one cards that I had closed back in 2016, that has a combined balance of around $9,000 that went to collections. I've since paid them off, and have opened 2 brand new credit cards. I've also increased my transunion (the bureau that BofA uses for CLI requests) from a 508 to a 700 (as of today 11/8/2021). 


I called BofA and explained to the underwritter (asked to be put through to one), that I was approved for these 2 new cards with MUCH higher limits than my 8 year old BofA Visa Card that I pay in full every month. He told me there was nothing they could do, and their decision was solely made based on the information of my credit report.


I'm at a point where I don't want this card anymore. I've been with BofA for 13 years now, and to act like my lengthy relationship with them doesn't matter is irritating. I unfortunately can't close this card since it's my oldest revolving non store card. So I wanted to know what I should do? If I stop using it, they could potentionally decrease my CL which could hurt my score. But if I keep using it, I feel like BofA will see it as me being "happy" with my current card. 

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Re: Bank of America CLI

It seems BofA is going to keep referencing the two collections on your report to deny any increase on your card at this time; to them it doesn't matter that you paid them off, as long as it is showing on your reports they probably won't budge on this. Maybe with 


If it were me I'd use it strictly for the 3% category spending and nothing else. I understand there may be some bad feelings on using a card which the bank is refusing to show increases but it's a business decision for them nothing personal on their end. You can go so far as to just putting an occasional charge to show activity but essentially sockdrawer it and use your other two cards for spending. I am finding it really hard to see them CLDing your card even with very limited use


As far as hurting your scores due to a potential decrease with non-use that will only be an issue if you decide to keep using the card and/or have balances on your other two cards to where it will impact your overall utilization. In that situation I would just simply keep an eye on your balances and pay off some/all before it reports to keep said utilization low therefore keeping your scores high via AZEO if that's how you want to do it

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Re: Bank of America CLI

If it's any consolation, I have the same card and have had it for a similar amount of time; I've been with BofA for all banking purposes for 30 years. After two unsolicited increases, my CL sat....and sat.....and $4,500 for YEARS. Only recently did I try for a CLI--and got it, to $10,000! My point being, there's always hope. Smiley Happy


Personally, I'm a huge fan of BofA (and often say so!), and wouldn't want to lose the relationship with them. But you really have to do whatever you feel is best for you, your credit, your future credit, etc. If that includes closing your card, do it. Sure it's your oldest card, and your score will dip a little if you close it, but in the long run it won't matter much. And if you'd be happier not keeping a card that you feel is never going to reward you with higher limits, let it go.


If I were you, I think I'd wait to see if my odds improve once the derogatories are gone. You said they were from 2016 and that you paid them off--but when was that? We're about six years out from 2016 right now, so sitting tight and waiting it out may not take much longer.

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Re: Bank of America CLI

I agree with @SoCalGardener BoA is a very good bank with the products they offer and generous limit increases. I'd keep the relationship with BoA, It will get better after your CO drop off. 

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Re: Bank of America CLI

Those two delinquencies are only two years old and will linger on your reports for 5 more. Your concern should be getting your report cleaner by getting those collections off. They are impacting your scores and one creditor keeps referring to them, your oldest creditor. You paid them off, but I wish you had gotten a written pay-for-delete letter or perhaps since they were sold to a collection agency dispute them. But get them off with a little research. Good luck. 

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Re: Bank of America CLI

If I were you, I would not feel bad about it. I have my BOA Credit Card for last 14 years. In 2018 I went through hardships and paid  off most of COs and cleared all the collections and no CA reports on my account. I have been trying for CLI for last 2 years and I keep getting denined. I have decided to give up asking them and sock drawered the card and once in a while I put a small charge on it to keep the card alive. It is a 14 year old card so I am going to leave it alone and move on.

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Re: Bank of America CLI

I've been with BOFA for 18 years and never missed a paymenmt, paid in full each month and maintain an average FICO of 760 with a high annual income. I do have 2 30 day lates on my CR from 2018 on an old car loan with an otherwise stellar payment history and CR. I have several Amex cards with a combined 50K line of credit and several of their charge cards. Despite all this my BOFA CL was $500 until last January when I applied for and was approved for their cash back rewards card. They started me off with $7500. They just automatically increased my older card from $500 to $3000 in June and $6000 a few days ago. Hang in there. They will eventually come around.

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