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Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

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Re: Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

I have no banking account or anything with BoA and was just approved 2 weeks ago for the cash rewards card for $2500, so no you don’t need any relationship with them to get approved
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Re: Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

Years back when I first was approved for the BOA Travel Rewards, I had 0 banking relationship with them, so as others have said that likely isn't the issue.  I concur with all the great advice on gardening, that's probably the best route to take for a few months or more.

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Re: Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

Thanks! I just hate to waste a Hard pull for nothing 😴
By the way I created the savings and checking and now they said that it wasn't a long relationship 😂.
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Re: Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

I have had a checking and savings account with BOA for over 20 years, and recently was denied a card.  I get offers to apply all the time, and I finally applied and Boom...Denied. Thanks for the hard pull for a no. 

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Re: Bank of America Cash rewards Denied

i used both bofa and meryll licnyh for long time with heavy usage years ago but now entire my life never will go near them 
50k card with 20k statement and was need 30k another payments just paid 20k statemnet next day your limit lowered to 10k crazy and almost every month at least 10k was paid for 4 years 

now they keep sent pre approvals and pre qualifeid on their site for bofa cash rewards 
tried for wife bump declined **bleep** bofa if you gona decline why the hell keep sent pre approval or onsite mention pre qualify 
by the way she has almost 50k total limits 
no way bofa start to build with itallian immigrants who cant find mortgages from other banks grow up for a century now gets greedy 
for nowadays they are most greedy bank ever over there. 
 personally will not even accept their checks from my customers and will say ohh sory that checks sucks please another one

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