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Barclays Blacklist ?

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Barclays Blacklist ?

Has anyone had experience with Barclays Blacklist ?

I paid all of them back, through a debt consolidating company who negotiated my interest rate but the FULL BALANCE.  I paid the full balance about 3 years ago, but when i applied for one of their cards the decline letter states that -Credit wasn't pulled and it was a prior history with Barclays.


ANy thoughts ? Time frame of the black list ?

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Re: Barclays Blacklist ?

I burned them when I file for BK, I have been discharged for 30 months, applied last week and got the same message.

I have read you will be blacklisted for a veeeeery long time, i have just moved on, don’t really care about them anymore.
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Re: Barclays Blacklist ?

Barclays underwriting makes U.S. Bank look like Navy Federal.

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Re: Barclays Blacklist ?

My story may be a bit from the ordinary, but it is possible to get back in with Barlcay's after burning them in BK.


I IIB Barclay's in my CH7 in August, 2015.  I received a pre-approval for their Rewards card roughly a year later via snail mail.  I jumped on it and was instantly approved for $2500.


About six months later, I decided I wanted to apply for the Ring card.  Prior to applying, I phoned underwriting (number obtained thanks to myFico) and asked what my chances were.  They stated that all I could do was apply and that if I was denied to call in to see if they could move my credit line over from my Rewards card.


So I applied, got denied, phoned underwriting and asked if they could close my Rewards card and transfer the limit to the Ring.  She stated I have to qualify for the product I am moving the line over to.  After putting me on hold for a few min, she said she would be able to transfer my credit line and open the Ring. 


I have since gotten a CLI from $2500-5500 via auto luv but it hasn't moved in about a year.  


Thankful to have the card considering the stories I have read about their "blacklist".  

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Re: Barclays Blacklist ?

How much was your IIB?

My Fico 8’s are 800+ and I have never been bankrupt.

Barclays thinks that merits a 3 digit credit line.


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Re: Barclays Blacklist ?

You have to call the customer service department.  You will need to get someone to manually approve it if you qualify.  

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