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Barclays World Elite Mastercard Approval Odds?


Re: Barclays World Elite Mastercard Approval Odds?

Klad wrote:

Hey Guys, I am planning to apply Barclays World Elite card. With my scores, credit profile, income I think I should be approved but need your expert advice before pulling the trigger. Here are my details


FICO - EQ 736, TU 764, EX 753

Total CL - 45,700 (AMEX Blue Cash - 25000, Chase Freedom - 7000, Discover - 5800, Citi Thankyou Premier - 5200, BOFA Cash Rewards - 1700, Macys - 1000)

Inquiries - TU 3 (none in last 12 months), EQ 6 (4 in last 12 months, 1 in last 6 months), EX 3 (none in last 12 months)

AAoA - 1 Year 2 Months

Oldest Account - 2 Year 3 Months

Income - 63,100 in KY


I am ready to pull the trigger but just need to make sure that experts in this forum also thinks so Smiley Happy

Interesting question and great topic. About a year ago I took out the Chase Freedom Unlimited and boom, got a Barclays World Elite Card Offer in the mail. I didn't act on it. I recently took out the Saphire Reserve, and boom, I got another offer about 3 days later in the mail. I am definitely interested in the card. Glad to see your stats! Congrats on the Card. I too will be looking into this!

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Re: Barclays World Elite Mastercard Approval Odds?



10k approved. Charge $500. CLD to 1k. 50% UTIL. Barclay's says thanks for being a loyal customer. 

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