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Barclays "STILL" Blacklisted

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Re: Barclays "STILL" Blacklisted

@OmarGB9 wrote:

Yea Barclays BLs for life. 



Though, there have been very rare or few exceptions (documented here and other boards) where some folks have been able to rekindle the Barclays flame 🔥 

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Re: Barclays "STILL" Blacklisted

I wanted to like them. Actually I really did like the JetBlue card and the 2x points on Starbucks 😁   but they're so nutty that I canceled the card and posted a picture of it shredded here several years ago


Guess what?  I've got a blacklist too!

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Re: Barclays "STILL" Blacklisted

When I lived in London as a student, I had an account with Barclays, which, at the time, was a really good bank. When they took over and renamed Juniper, i had high hopes. During my short time with them prior to my BK, I couldn't help but think of Barclays as my ugly stepchild. Sad. I'm in Barclays Blacklist Class of 2017, and I'm good with it. 

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