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Better alternatives to Elan Max Cash Preferred?

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Better alternatives to Elan Max Cash Preferred?

In December, I'm planning to apply for the Elan Max Cash Preferred card, in order to get the most out of my utility and internet bills. This is very similar to the US Bank Cash+.

  • If my goal is to maximize the rewards I get from utility and internet bills, can anyone suggest better alternatives to these cards?

  • I'm more focused on the long run, so I'd be interested to hear if you have some kind of answer like "get this card, it's not as good at first, but if you also get this card and use this trick, it will be better in the long run."

  • I'm not interested in redeeming points for travel or entertainment. I'm mostly only interested in redeeming for statement credit or charity.

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Re: Better alternatives to Elan Max Cash Preferred?

The problem with your request is that you already selected the best cards for those categories. The US Bank Cash+ is second to none in this area with the only issue being that the issuer is hard to get into if you are not prepared properly. The Elan Max Cash Preferred is the backup since it is more lenient due to a partner institution but dos not offer as much to join. These are already the best because you select 5% categories twice. Nothing gets any better.

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Re: Better alternatives to Elan Max Cash Preferred?

You can run the card selections on the CardPointers app. The top card was the chase ink biz don't know if you qualify but that is bank cash was down the list

Chase (CSP,CF,CFU,southwest premier)
Barclay(jetblue, arrival, frontier)
Bofa(US pride, premium, travel, cash, Suzy komen)
Citi(Premier, Double cash, Costco)
Amex(everyday, cash, Hilton)
Caesars rewards
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Re: Better alternatives to Elan Max Cash Preferred?

The same Elan/US Bank Max Cash card is offered by about 20 other smaller banks and CUs.  Those smaller banks are reported to be easier to get approved.


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