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BoA recon number?

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Re: BoA recon number?

I just got denied yesterday and called today they said reason of deny is they think I have sufficient credit, not too many inquries. I figure they thought the two cards I have with them have enough credits, do they also consider the credits I have on other institutions' cards? Will they know about that? Maybe through CR?

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Re: BoA recon number?

Thanks for the number! I also tried to recon and was denied. He was very nice though! I know some suggest calling again until you get some action. I asked about the secured option as an alternative and he didn't know how to offer that to me and said I needed to go into a branch to apply for that. I let an exasprated sigh escape then. I know some are offered secured when denied for unsecured but he seemed to know nothing about it. As it has been a month, I am not going to keep calling to try. I am going to garden the 3 revolving accounts I was able to obtain in the past month and I will try BOA again in 6-12 months (If they still appeal to me)

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Re: BoA recon number?

BOA is generally conservative. Inquiries and new accounts are a concern to them on recon, just like most lenders. Usually it's good to let things cool off and age for 6 months and then try again.
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Re: BoA recon number?

I was hoping to be given the option of the secured instead, but I have a few revolving accounts now, so I am just going to garden and maybe try later. I am annoyed to find that he pulled an additional Hard when I called and didn't tell me that he was doing this beforehand. I just saw the inquiry and am pretty upset about it and wondering why he didn't just look at the report he had. I wish I hadn't wasted the call.

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