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BofA Alaska VS

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Re: BofA Alaska VS

@mn4730 wrote:

Wow, you're totally right- I may have asked one day too soon.  It was on 10/9/18!  I requested this on 1/8/19 - one day early Smiley Sad  I'll let you all know what the letter says once I get it.  I'm still thinking it's going to be "adequate credit with BofA"

It might be. I thought you’d asked much sooner than a day or two. I’m not really sure how specific BofA is with these CLI timelines. It may be just like Amex. 

The CLI link appears for me about 2 months or so from the last increase. The first time that happened, I made the request thinking I was eligible but it was too soon. Now I just wait the full 3 months to submit a new request. 

The link is again available already under my accounts, but I’m not “due” till early February. 

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Re: BofA Alaska VS

Denied. "You recently had a change to your credit line with Bank of America." Maybe I was too soon!
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