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CSR application / approval odds?

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CSR application / approval odds?

Thinking about applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve as I anticipate doing some traveling this year. 


My profile:

Credit: Uber Visa ($1.5k, 1yr), WF College ($2.3k, 2yr), WF Propel ($6.7k, 6 months) / Total: $10.5k

FICO: 740 (WF FICO9) / 719 (Barclays)

AAoA: 1 year 2 months

Oldest: 2 years

Income: $50k

No loans, always pay in full


Also opened an account Checking/Savings account with Chase this month. I’m prequalified for Chase Freedom/Unlimited/Sapphire Preferred on the Chase app with 21.99% APR.


What are my odds for approval for the CSR? Should I wait longer and try to get CLI from Uber? Thanks!

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Re: CSR application / approval odds?

IMO, I'd wait until your history ages a bit.

The CSR has a minimum SL of $10K and looking at what you've shared, it appears there hasn't been much experience in handling tradelines at that level or capacity. How much on average do you put on your CCs monthly?

A CLI request for Uber will result in a HP, possibly 2, but it won't get close to $10K.
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Re: CSR application / approval odds?

My total util is around 17% and I spend around 1-2k a month mostly on the Uber card.

I’m at 2/24 so would it help to open a card that is generous with credit limits to get to $10k?
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Re: CSR application / approval odds?

IMHO - I would definitely wait. 2 issues that I see - your AAoA is low and you don't have a card that's above 10k. What will you utilize the CSR for? Travel? Points? I would recommend the CSP as you may have a better chance of getting that.
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Re: CSR application / approval odds?

Personally, I wouldn't but that's up to you. I would only do this if said tradeline would benefit my overall profile from a long-term perspective as opposed to just adding "fluff".

Since the CSR isn't going anywhere it's just a matter of timing things out. Otherwise, while you may still be ok in the eyes of the 5/24 restriction, you can still be declined for a young/thin profile or other reasons.

Alternatively, I'm thinking you might be able to swing the CSP instead and then upgrade to CSR after 12 months. Both have the same SUB.
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