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Cap1 PC? Or new card?

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Cap1 PC? Or new card?

In 2011, I got the Cap1 platinum with a $500 CL. They were the first to offer me a nonsecured card. After a few months it grew to $750 and stayed there for a couple of years. Then around 2015 they upped the CL to $2250. Then in 8/2017 they upped it to $5250. I’ve never asked for a CLI until yesterday after reading on here. I asked for $7k and they gave me $7250. It’s my highest limit card. I also have a Barclays at $2000. And two days ago I was approved for Wells Fargo $3500 SL and Discover It for $500 SL ( always turned down by Discover so super excited about it even though it’s a low limit).
Would Cap1 be willing to PC any card to a no annual fee one? Or should I just try for a QS? When I try the prequalify it shows Platinum and QS1. Maybe if I tell them I now have the Discover card with better rewards and no AF they’d be willing to work with me? Right now I have $300 on my Cap1 card and about $150 on my Barclay Card. I usually carry a balance on my Cap1, as I use it for Amazon and Netflix.
Suggestions on what to do?
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Re: Cap1 PC? Or new card?

You can always weigh the long-term benefits of PC'ing your Capital One Platinum to a QS if you are looking to switch to a rewards program since your CL on your existing CC seems to be fairly decent.

If you apply for a QS, check to see if you are pre-qualified first to gauge your odds for approval. Just keep in mind that if you apply, 3 HPs (for each CR) will be incurred; and if approved, the AAoA hit as well.

Eventually, you could potentially combine both into one larger CL down the road.
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Re: Cap1 PC? Or new card?

Ask for a pc, no harm, no foul.

I have been approved for better Cap One cards than I was prequal for.


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Re: Cap1 PC? Or new card?

You can see if it qualifies for an upgrade by logging in and viewing the cards activity.  Then adding '/productupgrade' at the end of the URL up in the address bar.  May get better results calling in and/or stuff that doesn't show up there, but can at least give ya a rough idea.

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