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Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

" They are showing me an Equifax score of 577??? It also shows the date of the report as 1-1-2019. Even then, my score was not 577."


Maybe Cap1 Employee's pulled their reports by mistake .....Just saying


PS: I gave up on them a total of 6 HP's and no soup, i said "WUTLOL" !?!?!?!?


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I have multiples of Chase, Discover,  AMEX, Citibank, BofA, Wells Fargo, USBank and other's i cant think of right now.

not sure they could be using "FICO Dinosaur1" scoring model, with a huge bucket.


sorry FSR, I know...

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

Just to avoid you wasting your time and energy, the EO (CEO's office, whatever you want to call it) won't do anything with regard to CLIs. They will not manually intervene against what the computer decided. 


Just accept Capital One for what they are and what they aren't, stop trying to pull teeth with them, and use lenders who are more flexible and accomodating.

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

I'd definitely look elsewhere. Cap 1 can be a bit opaque in terms of why they do what they do, I'd suggest trying your luck with another lender, Cap 1's cards are easily replaced.

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

Cap1 definitely uses an older scoring model, from what I heard - FICO 4 model. The newer scoring models FICO 8 and 9 have scoring that is done differently versus FICO 4. I would look up the differences and how each category is weighted differently.

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

Hi All, I had a missed call yesterday from a gentleman at Capital One. He did not leave a name or any type of description as to why he was calling, just a number (which was the main number) to call back at my convenience. I thought was strange but I called back and it asked for the last 4 digits of my number and then I pressed 0 for representative.


Someone came on the line and I told them I received a call from cap one with no name or reason for the call just to call back. He put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back and asked if I contacted them about a CLI. I told him yes, I emailed Mr. Firbanks, the ceo. He put me on hold again for about 3-4 minutes.


He comes back and says he just went over all of the notes in my acct and advised that I would received a 5k CLI. I still asked him about why it pulls a score 30+ days old which he could not answer and said he could not discuss credit scores/reports. I said ok, well I think that is all I needed. So, a small 5k cli from an email to ceo. Not huge but it's something.

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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

Holy crap! Congrats. Crazy you had to deal with that but enjoy your new line. 😊
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Re: Capital One CLI - CSR's are a joke.

Lol, 5k increase with anyone isnt a joke, from an email to a ceo, id call that super fantasticSmiley Happy
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