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Capital One Denial Confusion


Capital One Denial Confusion

My wife applied for a Capital One card on 2/20. It gave us a 7-10 day review message, so I followed some advice on here. She called and they told her that she had an extended fraud alert on one of her reports. We called Eq and got her phone number attached to the alert yesterday (2/21), then called back and let them know we got it fixed. They ran all 3 of her credit reports early this morning (2/22). This morning when we woke up, we noticed we had a decision email from Capital One. We logged in and it said that she was denied. It said "despite our attempts to reach you, we have been unable to resolve a consumer alert you placed for access to your consumer report"
Which is odd, because they did reach us. And we fixed it. And the date on the letter is 2/20.
So why were we denied on 2/20, resolved the issue on 2/21, and notified of the denial on 2/22??
And how can we fix this?
She has nothing negative and 2 positive closed auto accounts on TransUnion.
1 repo, 2 positive closed auto accounts and one positive open auto account on Equifax
2 repos and 2 positive closed auto accounts on Experian.
Scores in the low 600s
Never had a credit card
I know the score is borderline. But what's up with the fraud alert / denial and how can we appeal this?
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Re: Capital One Denial Confusion

Sorry to hear, nobody likes a denial. Unfortunately sounds like they would want to do another application altogether with a whole new set of credit pulls would be my guess. Personally CapOne is impossible to get anywhere with from my experience there isn’t many ways around their computer system or they just won’t. Either way you can always call, talk to someone, hope for the best , but there is no guarantee. Regardless they will want to pull the bureau that had the fraud alert again so no matter how you look at it expect some more INQ’s.
*I don’t know exact numbers for Discover Card but you could always try the pre-qual page.

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Re: Capital One Denial Confusion

Update 2/23

She was denied

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Re: Capital One Denial Confusion

Sorry to soon will the repos fall off her reports? 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Capital One Denial Confusion

Try Discover prequal site

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