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Capital One Savor CLI Denied

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Re: Capital One Savor CLI Denied

I would wait until your Savor is at least 6 months old and try again.  Good thing is you can try with Cap One without a HP. 

I don't use my Cap One cards often, but I do constantly ask for CLI's.  I was able to get one for $100 lol.





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Re: Capital One Savor CLI Denied

@CreditPacMan wrote:

I was approved for the Savor card back in September with a SL of $5000. I have been spending a lot on the card and PIF to meet the minimum spend for the $300 bonus.

I tried last month to request for a CLI was denied. The reason they provided is this:

" Your financial obligations as reported to us by credit bureaus are too high".


I am a little confused by this. Those who have followed my previous posts know that I have been paying of my debt over the past two years. I am now down to 12% reported utilization (actual 9%). 

My current score is 715 across the board.


So what gives?

I tried it & they offered me $200 but I didn't accept it. I've had my card about 4 months but I'll wait another month to see if they offer something higher.

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