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Capital One Walmart MC CLI?

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Re: Capital One Walmart MC CLI?

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HI and Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have walmart mastercard which had a 18K limit when it came over to Capital one from Synchrony Oct of 2019 and only increase I was able to get from Capital one was a 1K increase couple months later which makes the cl 19K. I have only tryed once for increase about year later got mesage your account under review for usage and this time we are not granting any increases on this type of account. I have not ask for any more increases don't wake up capital one have my line cut down.

You're lucky! My limit hasn't moved one cent since Cap1 acquired the account. I already had two other Cap1 accounts (Quicksilver Visa and MC) when they acquired the WM card, and NONE of them has gotten an increase ever since. I've tried and tried, but always get some kind of excuse. From now on, I think I'm going to just consider them bucketed and not bother trying any more. Less chance of being disappointed that way!

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Re: Capital One Walmart MC CLI?

I have had 2 cap 1 quicksilver rewards card grandfathered from hsbc both of them used to be 2 percent cash back and now diminished to 1.5 percent both have 10500 lines and I can never get an increase on them no matter how many times I apply I miss hsbc they were so much better running these cards 

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