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Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

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Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

What’s the 7-10 day verbiage that everyone referred to? I received one that says we cannot approve your application at this time. I’m assuming this is a straight denial ?

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Re: Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

If I recall correctly, with Cap One I think it's verification. Give them a call tomorrow and ask 

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Re: Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

7-10 day message with apps can be simple like needing verification. People have called in and been transferred to the fraud dept for identification verification then been approved but of course nothing is 100% with credit
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Re: Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

That particular wording sounds like a denial to me, but if it is in review, there’s still a good shot at approval. Cap One always seems to give the pending message for this card. 

Good luck!

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Re: Capital one Savor 7-10 day message

When I applied for Capital One Savor, I received:

"we’re in the process of reviewing your application. This is a standard step in our application process and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information. " 


I called in and it said 7-10 days. I called them up and after a few days of back and forth, they finally transferred me to verification/fraud and it went to approved. If your automated reply message is different, it could mean you're on a different path than my application.

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