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Capital one income verification husband's?

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Capital one income verification husband's?

Capital one says they need income verification and a letter from my husband stating that he covers my expenses and how much he gives me a month. Um, I take what I need, lol. I'm a full time student and a mother, so only his income. Anyway, is this a good sign that I'll get approved? It's a platinum and my score is only 587.
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Re: Capital one income verification husband's?

I would be interested to know the answers as I am in the same situation as you so when I do apply again I'm guess I should be ready to verify it all.
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Re: Capital one income verification husband's?

It could also be the lower fico score.  They probably wouldn't care if your score was a bit higher.  I do have my income and hubby's updated on our CRA's but when you app for an instant decision card, how do they check at that very moment?  I can see them checking before they send the card out.

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Re: Capital one income verification husband's?

In the future, if you apply for a credit card, you can simply state, per recent CFPB rulemaking,  your income at an amount that includes that of your spouse if you both have access to the funds.

You are not required to separately state the incomes of each.

You apparently did so, and thus they requested verification......



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Re: Capital one income verification husband's?

Hard to know.if that means there is more likelyhood of approval. They may need that info before they can truly evaluate the situation. So they might not have even gotten to a point yet to where they are thinking once verified, we can approve. But ymmv with everything, so it could be the exact opposite! Hopefully for you it's all they need and your in.

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