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Care Credit CLI?

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Care Credit CLI?

Hey guys, I need quite a bit to fix some major health issues I have going on. I have been working on my credit for the past year or so. Ive gotten it improved quite a bit from the starting point which was 520 across the board. I now have 656 Experian, 623 Equifax and 618 Transunion. I applied for CareCredit and was approved for a SL of 1500. I've seen a lot of people posting about CLI being fairly simple to get with this company. But I can't use the card at all until I can get it much higher. Will I still receive an increase if it is just sitting dormant or do I have to use it? Should I use it for the consultations I have coming up? I don't know if that will make a difference.


I have just recently begun to get some credit cards. For the longest time I couldn't even get approved for secured cards so my history isn't real long, most of my cards have been acquired within the past year. Other than one that I am just an authorized user on that I believe has a limit of 1500. Currently as far as credit cards I have 2500 secured Discover IT, 1000 secured US Bank, 600 unsecured Merrick Bank, 450 unsecured Credit One, 500 Capital One Platinum unsecured, 300 Capital One Quicksilver One unsecured, and now the 1500 Carecredit. So total revolving is 8,350. 


I do not have a mortgage, personal loan, or auto loan on my report. I am just trying to determine how long it will be before I might be able to get a CLI from carecredit. If it is unrealistic to expect that any time soon I might have to go the route of a personal loan. 


I appreciate any opinions Smiley Happy

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Re: Care Credit CLI?

Welcome to MyFICO! 


I’m sorry to read about your health related issues and hope you get well, soon. There is a thread here that gives info on pretty much every “backdoor” number for credit card companies. It’s the only pinned post in the Credit Applications forum. I would call Synchrony Credit Solutions. Synchrony is the company that issues the Care Credit card. If you aren’t able to secure a higher CL via the Care Credit/MySynchrony website, you may be able to by speaking to a CSR with Credit Solutions. I recently had some CLI luck with my Walmart card by calling the overseas number.


Hope this helps! Good luck!


Below are are all the Backdoor numbers for Synch. 


Synchrony Bank: 1-800-480-0186 (new accounts ID Vertification:  Monday-Friday  8AM ET-Midnight 12 ET.) ~ Ron1

Corporate Accounts: 1-866-913-4275  ~Duke84


Synchrony: (except WalMart): 866-419-4096
Synchrony: 866-519-6441 (Credit Analyst/Credit Solutions)
Synchrony Credit Solutions: 877-379-8173 (Overseas)

Synchrony: 937-534-6180 ( Fraud Dept/locked account)

Synchrony: 866-664-2315 (Fraud/Verification/New Accounts ) ~nihao

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