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Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

When I made a longshot application, I got a message saying they'd let me know in 10-14 days. They exceeded expectations by turning me down only four days later Smiley Happy


You seeing a different message than me might be a good sign ... or maybe not, who knows. Your inquiries are certainly healthier than mine. Good luck!

FICO 8 scores are deceptively high. My profile is young with a lot of new accounts and even more inquiries from 2019. The Barclay AU card is not on TransUnion; and, Equifax has some old positive accounts from 2011 that are not on the other two. That is the reason for the variation in scores. No derogs. Over 5/24 until fall 2021.

Authorized user / Corporate / Auto loan

Closed but still on reports: ExxonMobil, $950, 10/08-02/11 (Equifax only) | Citi secured, $200, 045/19-09/19 | Capital One secured, $300, 04/19-08/19 | My Jewelers Club, $5,000, 05/19-08/19 | Green Dot Primor, $300, 05/19-08/19 | Self Lender secured $500 loan, 04/19-01/20 | Unsecured personal loan from Coastal, $1,000, 06/19-08/19.

Goals: Late 2020 - Ducks Unlimited card; scores in high 700s with inquiries aging. Long-term goal - Prime rate mortgage; able to qualify for most standard credit products.
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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

The site says pending so I’m sure the earliest it might change is early next week.
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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

Got alert experian pulled
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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

Keep us updated!

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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?



Received an Approval Email this Morning:


Dear FNBO Direct Customer:


Congratulations!  You have been approved for the Ducks Unlimited Credit Card.  You should receive your card in 7 to 10 days.  You can call XXX to activate card or hit this link to sign up for online access.  


I assume that means my online access would be different from FNBO Direct?


The email did not give my credit limit.  I'll update that when I receive the card.  Thanks for all the encouragement!

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Re: Chances of Ducks Unlimited Approval?

Congrats on the approval @BigHair.

Locking this thread as you have been approved. Feel free to start a new approval thread in the Approvals forum if you would like to do so.
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