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Chase 1 year history

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Re: Chase 1 year history

I think the problem that Chase is going to have right now is that every card mentioned is a store card. The OP needs to add a major card or two before applying for Chase. Once that is taken care of and 5/24 is taken into account, I'd suggest that the OP apply for Chase when the oldest major card is a year old.


Under a different scenario, I think a closed card could definitely be as good as an open one. Let's say someone has a timeline like this…


  • Jan 2019: Opens a secured Mastercard
  • April 2019: Opens an unsecured Discover
  • Sept 2019: Opens a Visa card; closes the secured Mastercard
  • Jan 2020: Applies for Chase

In a situation like this one, I'd submit that the closed card would work just fine as one's oldest card.

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Re: Chase 1 year history

I'm pretty certain they have an Amex, unless I'm thinking of someone else.
If oldest card is a year old, I think their chances are good for an approval.
I'm not certain the approval is going to be a good one.
Normally that's not an issue, but chase cards dont grow for many unless HP CLIs are involved, and again, unless I'm mixing two members, OP already expressed dislikes for HPs from unsuccessful Amex apps in the past, to the point of wanting to dispute them.

If growth is desired, Chase will make most work, and one has to accept the possibility of getting a HP or several down the road should the approval terms not yield desired results.

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Re: Chase 1 year history

yeah thats my profile, this question i posted about is inquiring on a buddies behalf she just has store cards but just checking had prequals from the major issuers, thanks guys!
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Re: Chase 1 year history

@elixerin wrote:
thanks for the replies guys, @Remedios account was from 2002-2016 and was always in good standing. you’re right about the new account though/ there was three year gap of no credit as it was last reported in 2016.

what do you recommend?

If you can continue to raise limits on your existing accounts, that would help.

So would a little bit more time, if you can stay patient. I think @HeavenOhio is absolutely right about you needing an account that's not a store card, in which case you'd want to wait anyway. 

Or, you can pull the plug and see what happens. 


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