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Chase 5/24 question

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Re: Chase 5/24 question

@mowglidude wrote:
I thought I was safe thinking store cards & co branded was not included in the 5/24. Guess I was wrong.

Co branded chase isn't in the 5/24 rule. Meaning u can still apply for a co branded chase card even if u have more then 5 new credit card accounts in 24 months but wouldn't be able to get a chase card

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Re: Chase 5/24 question

This 5/24 rule takes getting used to. As much as I've read about it, I can't exactly remember which cards qualify or not. That being said, if I app for them again, I'll be researching these threads first to be sure I'm not wasting my time with it.

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Re: Chase 5/24 question

Many of that co-branded cards seem to be under this rule now. I've been seeing people get denied Marriott suddenly only due to "too many new accounts in the last 2 years"
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Re: Chase 5/24 question

I've read on these forums where people have 7, 10 new accounts and still get a CSP or FU. How can that be? I only have five new accounts in 24 months and was denied for too many new accounts. And two of them were in 8/2014.
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