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Chase Amazon Prime Visa

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Chase Amazon Prime Visa

Took a dive on the Chase Amazon Prime card last night; Amazon is life and for a long time I was LOL/24 so I didn't bother. Once I started seeing a bunch of those amusing green checkmarks/"already approved" items show up when I log in with decent rates (one was 15.99%), I figured I was in a safe territory in making this move. It has been a while since I applied for much of anything.


Some data:


- They pulled Experian, FICO 8 was 712 as of app day (9/18); Bankcard 8 is 714; Mortgage is 761, FICO 9 is 736. I don't know which they use, but Experian was the only file to be pulled based on multiple alerts.
- Have three Chase cards in flight, already: Slate, FU, and SR, for a combined $32,7000 (11.4, 4.0, and 17.3, respectively)
- I would not be surprised to hear they don't want to give me anymore, to which I'm prepared to sacrifice all but $500 from my FU and or Slate. I use neither these days, frankly, but want to keep the clock ticking on them.
- 5 inquiries combined before this app, only 1 on Experian from March 2020.


The current status is after dialing one of the several backdoor numbers for app status, I'm automatically redirected (this morning it chimed "30 days"). It's late and I don't want to talk to anyone so I'll see how things are tomorrow or Monday.


With all three of my other Chase cards, I had the 14-day message be my stopping point until I spoke to someone. I have a Do-Not-Combine flag (I think) still on one of my reports, I can't remember which, and have a relative with a highly similar name so I've always had to jump through extra verification hoops. I suspect this is where things'll end up this time, too.


EDIT: I neglected to notice they also pulled Equifax, which was 721 and had 1 INQ.

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Re: Chase Amazon Prime Visa

Good luck! 

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Re: Chase Amazon Prime Visa

30 day notice means they havnt started on your application yet.

It will probably change tomorrow

Good luck

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Re: Chase Amazon Prime Visa

Good luck on your application. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Re: Chase Amazon Prime Visa

Approved without further verification on my part, which is a first!

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Re: Chase Amazon Prime Visa

Congrats on your approval! 
Thread locked. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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