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Chase Amazon - Thumbs down

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Re: Chase Amazon - Thumbs down

I honestly give 2 you know whats about aprs. I pay in full and do not get insulted when apr is high on a cash back card especially if there is no annual fee. I PIF every month don't carry a balance so to me that is free 5% off at amazon.


I am not a person that buys things just to buy but I use the subscribe and save feature every month and have my 100lbs of cat food delivered to my door cheaper than I can get it anywhere else. Yes, Yes, I have a lot of cats and feed the strays in my neighborhood lol. I also price check everything every month on my subscribe and save items ie: toilet paper, paper towels, cat food etc and if I find it cheaper somewhere else I just take it off my subscribe and save for that month pretty easy too do. 

There is no reason to mindlessly spend at amazon. If you know what you want and you price check before hand many times you can get a better deal at Amazon. Sometimes you don't.

To cancel a card because the apr is high for someone who pays in full is just silly to me. I use all my cards strictly for the cash back feature or price protection, warranty whatever. If they did not have any of those benefits it would not make sense to use a credit card when I could just pay out of my bank account.


But if you are someone like me who has a good sized family and quite a few pets and PIF every month the Chase Amazon Prime card can be a great card to have. I make at least $15-$25 a month on it. I can also use it at pharmacies for the 3% and resturaunts too though I do use my BCP at pharmacies because I use the pharmacy at my grocery store and when your co pays on meds are almost $200 a month plus your grocery spend that cash back adds up as well and I am grandfathered at the $75 annual fee on that card and that is the ONLY card I have with an annual fee.

I honestly could not tell you what half of the Aprs are on my credit cards because frankly I could care less because I don't carry a balance.

If you carry a balance then no cashback card in the world is worth it too you no matter what it is because even a low interest rate will eat any cashback you get. So if you are a balance carrier I could see being insulted with a high apr.  My USAA limitless is at 16% I only know this because I just got it but again if it was 30% I wouldn't care because again I PIF. I make more money off of that paying my monthly bills and throwing my non cat spend on it so again the card is worth it to me for the bonus and Apr wouldn't matter.

I swear I see a lot of people on here who swear they are PIF people yet they get all uppity about Apr. But I notice on here I can tell the true PIFers because they are very similar to me and could care less about apr because the cash back value is what we are after not the apr.

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Re: Chase Amazon - Thumbs down

I think it's just a matter of pride as some have pointed out, although personally I find it much more insulting when I'm given a toy limit versus a high APR, though the two seem to go hand-in-hand. (looking at you Discover... Smiley Mad)




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Re: Chase Amazon - Thumbs down

I've been very attached to my Amazon Prime card for a while now, especially since I gave in and did the hard pull for a CLI to 8k a year back (note: they have never given me an auto CLI, I was at 1500 for over 8 years!). Since then, I run the card up to 50% regularly and PIF within a few months to give them some interest. As a work from home person, my whole household shops of Amazon and the 5% rewards were cool. It was a great all in one thing.

When I had requested that last CLI to 8k, it was honored and the rep even said something like yes I see that you are an above average shopper at Amazon using this card and we appreciate your business with that. The rep that day did give me the impression I was using the card the way they "liked". It then turned into my daily driver to maximize points since I do PIF alot.


My opinion of the card /bank has changed recently. I called for my yearly CLI and they gave me less than 1k... when my scores have increased tremendously, doubled my income, I have an impeccable payment record, usage of the card is great, etc. The reps were incredibly rude. They don't have analysts that actually look at your file. They did it by computer and that was that. I'm not going to get into the details of what was said but it was a stark contrast to every other major card I have (looking at you Amex). Basically "you don't like our rules, that's too bad" and then some. Really poor CS, it wasn't just me. I reminded myself I have other cards with lower interest that naturally expand with time and use. I don't need that BS. I'm switching over to Amex Blue for both daily driver and my Amazon shopping. The chase card isn't going to grow with me, they are stodgy and old school, I don't enjoy begging for CLI's -- I'm done giving them my business, in the drawer it goes.

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