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Chase Credit Card Application Status

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Number worked well, got me to the right person, however as someone previously wrote they were blunt.  My EX was clean however 5 openned new accounts in 6 months was too much so I was declined.  I explained my reasoning for new accounts but no go.  Bummer.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Thanks guys, got the standard 30 day wait period on the online application, called into the backdoor number and after 2 minutes of review was approved for the Mileage Explorer card w/ $11k limit.  Called back after another 30 minutes and asked them for an increase , got $15k immediately. (as my screen name says this is my first big CC after destroying my credit 8 years ago, spent the last 2 years building good credit history with secured cards w/ low limits, and debit cards)


Awesome !!!


Please use this line..real people listening to your story for credit approval, rather than a computer and score trying to figure it out. 


P.S. Make sure you tell them you want the Signature card..the Mileage Explorer Card has 2 levels (based on your credit , unknown to most a Signature and a Platinum) , you want the Signature card for those travel benefits..

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

That back door number works great. Got the usuall web note that will get an answer is 7 to 10 days. Called up and very nice lady picked up the phone. Asked me some questions from my credit report and approved for $3000 on a Chase Freedom Card.


I currently have 2 capital ones with 500 limit & a discover with 2200 limit.

paid off my care credit. 4000 bill

TU - 675. 

EXP- 703

EXuifax - 636


No late payments. No collection. my oldest card is 2 year old discovery. About 5 years ago I was in the 500 credit score range.


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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

hi one thing i must say sometimes when a person try to get a card and then get turn down the first time when you try the second time make sure you let them know that you want them to pull a fresh credit report. some cards like citi use the same old info from the first time and wil not tell you its a soft pull.they system have a way of keeping old info i know this for a fact.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Backdoor number worked great for me I wasn't expecting a huge limit just wanted another card to expand my portfolio to build my credit etc. Got the 30 day email called them up and they gave me a 500 CL to start which is all I wanted thanks for the number.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Had to signup just to thank everyone who recommended this...


8 days after applying I called in and spoke to a woman (was very nice and not blunt at all, not that I would have cared either way). Advised that I was denied for 4 reasons, all of which involved a high debt to credit ratio on my only other existing card which I had expected. Without even asking any questions, she reviewed it and approved it for 3000 CL. Actually higher than I had expected or even wanted. 


Great thread, and thanks again!

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status


Welcome to myFico forums!

What card did you apply for?
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

I cannot believe,I stumbled onto this post,I called that number talked to a nice young man named Brian,so much more personal than the cold hard facts that they look at from the card application,I have a 686 credit score,6.5 years ago I filed a Chapter 13,(House loan ballooned) paid it off 3 years ago and have been working hard to rebuild credit,I have an HSBC card and a Capital One card  and a car payment with 6.5% interest rate,(With Chase) ,I wanted a credit card with a better interest rate and the 2 airline tickets you can get with the Soutwest Chase card was inviting,I called today and was told I was declined,but talked to Brian,and he agreed I deserved a card,So $3000 limit; but I got the card. Thank you for this post.I am still shaking my head but it worked..The fact remains though,that I deserved the card,I'm been working hard to rebuild my credit and an actual person that took the time to look and see I was telling the truth is a fair way to do business.  Thank you Chase and the guy that left this initial post !!!

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status


Congrats on your approval! Welcome to the Forum!
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Good news... I've applied for the Chase Freedom on 3/26. Finally today had the courage to call the back number and got a hold of a lady name Leslie, she asked me questions about my credit report... after 10 minutes I got approved with a credit line ok 4,000... I am so happy... Fico score 649
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