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Chase Freedom Application Denied. Called Recon 2X.

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Re: Chase Freedom Application Pending. Call Recon or Let it Be?

@Remedios wrote:

@ultimaterewardsguy357  you can try calling again, but unfortunately you only get one try on recon with Chase.


In the past, it was possible to call again and maybe a different UW approves it.

These days, they will just read the notes from previous recon and leave it at that.


Please update your post, might provide an interesting DP for our members. 

I will update the post. Two reconsiderations and this time I built a better rapport with the CSR and she asked clarifying questions about my income and household. I pleaded my case and clarified the charge off/collection as well as the recent inquiries and she said she would do everything in her power to push this through. She seemed genuine enough and apologetic that we could not push it through same reasons as before and that I should just apply again when all the high impact negative items have cleared my report. She did say I could try again tomorrow with another rep but not sure if I will push if I keep getting the same feedback.

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Re: Chase Freedom Application Denied. Called Recon 2X.

Sorry for your denial.  Good luck in the future! 

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