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Chase Freedom Denied Due To No Credit History

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Re: Chase Freedom Denied Due To No Credit History

@edustudent214 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I tried applying for the Discover it for students, and it turns out I was denied for that one as well due to lack of credit history. They want me to create a joint account, which I am unable to do. I don't want a secured credit card and I don't want to mess around with too many hard pulls. Should I go for the Citi TY?

I would give the Citi TY Student a try. They pull EQ primarily, and will probably pull EX for you as well. Chase/Discover likely double pulled TU/EX. If Citi doesn't work out, it's not too bad since you're spreading your Hard Pulls out across the 3 different bureaus. All of this is somewhat conjecture since HP's always have an element of YMMV.


Best of luck!

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Re: Chase Freedom Denied Due To No Credit History

@edustudent214 wrote:

Hi everyone,


I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and have been trying to apply for the Chase Freedom as my first credit card. I just want a $500 limit, and I'd keep low utilization and pay off my purchases every cycle, just to build my credit. Chase denied me due to lack of credit history, so I called the recon line, as it has helped others in the same situation. They told me that they take my deposit history with them into consideration (I've been banking with them for four years), but they told me my banking history wasn't strong enough to extend a line of credit to me. They told me I've been banking with them long enough, but that over the last year (I was unemployed and at school last year, so no income), my average balance was too low. I took my old job back, and am saving the majority of my money from it, so I'm wondering how long I should wait before trying again, but also, was wondering if anyone here who was approved for the Freedom card with no history (I know there are many of you), what kind of banking history with Chase got you approved. I don't want to apply again too early and waste another HP on my report, so I don't want to do it until I have enough money in my account for a long enough time, if that's even good enough to get them to approve me. Or, should I try a credit card marketed toward college students? I don't want to get a secured card.



The freedom card denied me too and for the same reason! i ve been with chase for 6 years and they dont care about us as their customers. I recon with them 3x times and still nothing! i go over to us bank, approved for 2 credit cards, and only have been with them for less then 6 months. screw chase and the freedom card, go to discover!

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