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Chase Freedom Unlimited CLI approval odds?

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited CLI approval odds?

@Tryin2betterscore2 wrote:
How often does chase send put luv ? Is it every 6 months like clock work or is it really random?

To get auto luv from Chase you have to do a very secretive CLI dance. If you mess up once during the ritual it will never happen.


Ok, joking aside... Nobody knows what makes Chase give out auto luv to some and not others. It does happen, just not often and def not like clock work Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited CLI approval odds?

I agree with the others. You might want to wait a little longer to ask for the CLI. I have had Chase Slate for a little over a year. I recently applied for the CSP and when I did, I was also given a CLI on the Slate. Having a history of ontime payments with Chase might be beneficial when asking for a CLI and make it more likely they'll approve the request.

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