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Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited in-branch pre-approvals

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Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited in-branch pre-approvals

Walked into a local branch to pay my CSP balance today.  Just for giggles, thought I'd ask if I had any pre-approvals.  Banker came back with the news that I'm pre-approved for both the CFU and CF.  Both are on my radar and thought I'd share some DPs.


  • Just under 3 months since I got my CSP with a limit of $5,000. I've put almost $10,000 in spend on it since then.  
  • Never carry a balance.
  • I've been a banking and credit card customer since 2017.  I call Chase my "fun money" account and direct deposit less than 10% of my paycheck there each month.
  • I never have pre-approvals, neither online, nor through the app.  I have to go in to the branch for pre-approvals.
  • Currently 4/24.  I was 3/24 when I got my CSP.  I'll be 2/24 in September.
  • I was practicing AZEO for a mortgage refinance but my mistakes caused my scores to drop in the last 2 months.  First, my lender wanted to see all accounts at $0.  That caused a small dip in my scores.  The next month, I let 1 account report but I was stupid and let my AMEX gold report. That caused my scores to take a substantial tumble.  
  • This month, my Cap1 MC will be the only account to report a small balance.  Hopefully, my scores recover.

I surprised myself by walking out without apping for the CFU (which I've been wanting since the 3% promo started).  I'll wait for my scores to go back up and then I'll be back for that CFU.  


Also, the banker said that the 3% offer could go away at any time, but she didn't think it would be until the next quarter on July 1st.


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Re: Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited in-branch pre-approvals

If I were you I would wait.  The 5K CSP approval is the bare minimum amount they approve for.  Just because the temptation is there doesn't mean you need to take them up on it.  Now, IF they give you a CLI w/o asking for it then I'd say your chances are better.  Not that the CF/U are more stringent by any  means it's just being on the fence of approval with CSP that raises a caution flag.

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