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Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

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Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

My Road to Chase Freedom Unlimited to gain history with Chase:


I only have about 3 years credit score avg 700-720 up and down, never missed a payment and always under 30% or lower I have Citi DoubeCash, Discover It, AMEX Everyday, Cap Quicksilver, and An Amex Simply Cash Plus Business card. No major CL (avg $2k-$3k each card) so I figured I would really start getting my utilization back up to par to get a nice offer. Only 1 inquiry in the last year (2 years actually) and its Chase.....tried to sign up for Chase Rewards with Amazon as it was heckling me during checkout back in 2018 April and I was denied.


All my cards are over 2 years old except my AMEX - I just figured didn't have the history. After seeing so many success stories... I figured I would wait a year and try again.....we are here in April 2019 and not much has changed. 703 score going in with the application, 89k income - and they needed more verification, I called in only to be told that its a 2-week review. I have covered all rules 2/30, 5/24, no major balances, over 700 score - this company just hates me and I'm not too confident of approval as it seems like last years story. I notice every time I use the prequalify page I get the opt-out message but it works fine for my brother who has worst FICO than me.... he's even using my Discover card as his main line for history with only 1 year under his belt total. What am I doing wrong or does Chase have me blacklisted or something - feeling really bad about not being able to do business with Chase - would love a high CL and a Chase INK Business line down the road for the travel rewards. I can't think of anything but to get my utilization down to 0% and try again next year - out of hope. Any advice would be helpful - or if there is another company that may provide a good CL...the CLI's have been slow for me except Discover's side.

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

Banks don't "hate" people...try to remove the emotion and look at the facts.  What did your last decline letter say?  I recommend working on whatever the issues are with your credit report and then apply again if you really want a Chase card.  If you're "over Chase", then move on to a lender who finds your profile acceptable and wants your business.


Good luck to you!

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

The first decline was all about history - I was new at the time, only about 1 year of history but everything else in the green. A year later, this time around I haven't been denied just yet but it reminds me of the first time about the "wait for the letter in the mail" speech for results. My post was to rant for sure because I see some with far less in history and\or standards getting approved, but overall it was to see if there is any advice on what I could try next or "which" company I can maybe try with comparable to Chase's offerings. Thanks. 

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

Let's just take a moment to breathe. 


First, welcome to the boards. 


Second, as the previous response mentioned - credit is a business decision for banks, not personal. You mention that you applied, wasn't instantly approved, and Chase has asked for verification. You also mention that you are not too hopeful that you will be approved, which constituted as Chase hating you. 


It's been my impression (from the boards) that verification is not a decline to extend credit. In fact, verification is generally a good sign for approval (why spend the time for verifying).  If you are declined, I would also recommend calling in for reconsideration.

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

Just give Chase back the FUSmiley Wink
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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Just give Chase back the FUSmiley Wink

What AJC said 


Also, @UncleB was looking for you 

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

Fingers crossed - hoping they don't again but if not I will go from there. Thanks for the information and patience to read + respond- text holds no emotion and I wasn't trying to emulate that at all, just confused why this company of all won't let me get my foot in the door. 


I purposely went for Freedom Unlimited thinking my chances would be better to smooth them over with history for the long run. Update you when I get the letter, if I get denied....I'll know what to work on and move on. 

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

OP--If it's just verification you'll probably be approved--and given a decent limit to boot. But in the event you aren't--do like one of the previous posters said and recon. I'm pretty sure close to half the rebuilders on this forum had to call and convince Chase to give them their first shot----myself included (the BP gas card when Chase still had it and not Synchrony).

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

If it's not a straight up denial, then there's still a chance. Also, 2 weeks review in Chase lingo is better than 7-10 days. I have a feeling you'll have some good news to share back here in a week or two 😜

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Re: Chase Hates Me!! Never signing up again.

I'd suggest looking at my recent post in Credit Card Approvals - I went on a pretty intense roller coaster but after everything was said and done, it was an approval with similar road bumps to yours. The way I see it is if they don't deny you, you have a very good chance as long as your utility is in check and you aren't applying to a bunch of cards within 3 months of the chase application.

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