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Chase Reconsideration?

Credit Mentor

Re: Chase Reconsideration?

@CommanderCody wrote:

I recently was approved for the Slate for 4k. I had planned to BT about 4.5k to before apping. Will they reconsider the limit? Anyone had success with this? Can I  ask for a CLI just a few days after approval?


I do have two other cards with Chase that could be used to reallocate limits, 6.3k and 8.1k, but have other plans for them and prefer not to. 


Any suggestions?



Chase doesn't "reconsider" SLs.

You can chance it with HP, but honestly, I wouldn't expect much from them.

While Slate has never been famous for high SLs, Chase typically front loads ( SLs tend to be whatever they are comfortable with). 

Since it's a new card, I really don't think there will be meaningful increase. 

You can try, of course. 

You can ask either via phone call or secure message if you don't feel like talking to anyone. 

Just be aware that "I need more for BT" won't sway them, it's profile dependent.

I think you should temporarily reallocate your limits,  and when BT amount becomes manageable (lower), reallocate back to the donor card. 


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