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Chase Sapphire Preferred re-apply

Chase Sapphire Preferred re-apply

Hello all. I applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred CC on Dec/19/2017. Is was denied, called for recon and was told that the CSP had a $5,000 mínimum CL and that I had no experience with that level of credit.

I have BoA secure card with $500 CL (since Jan, 2017) and an Amex everyday (since July 2017), with $6,000 CL(as of Dec 2017).At the time I applied I had just gotten the 3x CLI from Amex. (In my recon call with chase they told me the AMEX 6k CL wasn’t showing up, too recent I guess)

So, since chase told me the denial was specifically due to the fact that I hadn’t handled that level of cli before, when would be a good time to reapply? Should I do it now? Wait 6 months?, a year? Thanks everybody!!

Eq 701
TU 763
Ex 687
Income $66,000
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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred re-apply

I mean, there's a chance you'd get approved now as you may have satisfied their denial reason.  Your "experience" however with that $6k line of credit is still only 2-3 months, so while you possess a limit > $5k, you haven't for very long, so they could still say you don't have much experience with it.  Experience can be interpreted both ways, as either possessing it or in terms of time like how long you've had it.


I'd honestly give it 6 months [since denial].  You could even give it a little longer than that and allow your next Amex CLI (perhaps 3X) report, since that's in 3-4 months.  That way they'd see you had 6 months experience with the $6k Amex limit and that your current Amex limit is even higher than that, as much as $18k depending on how your next CLI goes with them.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred re-apply

Have you tried the pre-qualify/approval? Chase would not open me for years (CO from a pre-Chase bank). Every couple of months I would try the offers. Nothing. Then just over a month ago, three popped up and I was in. Good luck!


And I was at 5/24 when I was approved.

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