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Chase United Explorer


Chase United Explorer

I applied for the card since I will be travelling for work more often this year. Filled out the application, hit submit, and got the message that my application is "in review", and "we'll let you know in writing of our decision. If you're approved you'll recieve your card in 7 to 10 business days". 


Not sure what that means (first time I got this message), but last time the recon denied me. Should I just wait or call recon again? 
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Any advice?

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Re: Chase United Explorer

The message means exactly what it says but it doesn't tell the full story.  Call the automated message line to monitor status. 


30 days means that the application is still pending review, it's a neutral status.


14 days/2 weeks means it was reviewed with initial tentative positive outcome pending final review.  This status usually but not always means an impending approval.


7-10 days can either mean a denial OR "additional information". "Additional information" does often mean that they need to confirm it was really you who applied.   


If you get 7-10 day status feel free to transfer to talk to a rep and ask them if there's anything they need from you to move your application forward.   If it's simply that they want verification it was you who applied they can often handle that while you're still on the phone.

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Re: Chase United Explorer

Denied and rep would not transfer me for recon. 

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Re: Chase United Explorer

@niko79 wrote:

Denied and rep would not transfer me for recon. 

Call back and get a different person.

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Re: Chase United Explorer

Sorry about that. 

Chase sucks pond scum and howls at the moon!

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