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Chase after BK

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Chase after BK

I have a ch 7 BK from 6/2013. But since then I’ve done really good with my credit. No missed or late payments. No collections. 2 hard inquiries. I’m at 2/24. Total of 16 open accounts. Two car leases with Chase. I have a Chase checking account. Average age of account is 2yr 9mo. Oldest open card is 5yrs. Utilization at 1%. Available credit about 50k across all credit cards and store cards. I’m wondering if I can get approved with chase. The pre qualify page never shows any offers for me. My scores are EX: 727. TU: 712. EQ: 721. I can get other cards from Amex that I’m pretty qualified for but I wanted to get chase before I fill up 5/24. Is it worth it to try? Or just wait until 2023 when the BK falls off and in the meantime get Amex since by 2023 I’ll be under 5/24 again. Also I am a sole proprietor so I would also like to get into their business cards as well. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Chase after BK

You have a better shot at business cards than personal cards. If you have a BK showing. Survey says. Nope.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC.
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Re: Chase after BK

Chase is almost always a denial with a BK showing. But since you already have a Chase relationship, why not go into a branch and speak to a supervisor about it.  


Was AmX IIB? If yes, more than likely that will be a denial. 

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Re: Chase after BK

No Amex wasn’t. The only credit card was a BoA and the rest was medical bills.
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Re: Chase after BK

Then you should be good to go with AmEx since they require 5 years and one month between BK discharge and card approval. However, be prepared - they may give you low limits and CLIs may be tough until the BK drops off.

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Re: Chase after BK

Don’t waste an HP!
Chase is auto decline with a BK reporting. From the most recent DP, BK’ers can’t even recon anymore!
I have Chase Savings and Checking and I’m not burning an HP til 2021!
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