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Chase application through "selected" offers.


Chase application through "selected" offers.


I applied for the freedom unlimited through a targeted offer under my dashboard on my chase account. I am well over 5/24, possibly 9/22. I apped for the CSP last summer through the same selected offers and was approved with 6 cards. I had read that those dashboard offers often bypass 5/24.

When I received the offer yesterday I apped straight away and received 30 day message then 7-10 ten message. I called and they said it was automatically denied for too many cards in 2 years. I asked them why the application in the summer was approved and they said you have more cards now with different institutions and couldn't help me any further.

Very frustrating as I though those dashboard offers were solid and it as a double Ex/TU pull.
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Re: Chase application through "selected" offers.

Those are not as solid as cold prequals from their card site, I too was denied Freedom last year after having gotten CSP 3 months previously and I was right at 5/24. Never got a notice in the mail on it either and no CR pull.

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Re: Chase application through ;selected" offers.

I've read the dashboard offers are far more legit and often bypass 5/24 compared to the prequalified offers on the site.
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