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Chase is Dead to ME...What has been your experience with them???

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Re: Chase is Dead to ME...What has been your experience with them???

@  "...Chase or Cap1 or pick your lender don't really care about your feelings since it's just business for them."




I have love-hate relationships with several lenders I have worked with.  It's hard not to take it personal sometimes, but it's just business.  Chase has done some things to piss me off in the past.  However, I've decided to take full advantage of my great credit now and Chase has some awesome SUBs.  They all add up to thousands of dollars worth of free travel and hotel rooms.  I've thrown a lot of business their way in the past year and plan to keep doing so with the Ultimate Rewards program.  I make it a point to diversify my accounts among different banks, however, so if one were to go rogue on me I have many other choices.  If Chase were to start shutting down my five credit accounts or take other adverse action, I'd just take my business elsewhere, probably permanently this time. 



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Inquiries until Nov 2020 (TU:3 -- EQ:4 -- EX:9)
New Accounts: 3/6 months; 8/12 months; 12/24 months (as of 10/15/20)
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