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Chase success after burning?

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Re: Chase success after burning?

Well apparently Amex is tightening up their credit score requirements and cutting back on credit limits (this was posted by RicHowe today after the Amex investor meeting or whatever) so that’s about to change at least with them. 


I do agree with you all the way around though. There is a difference between elitism and picking profitable customers and I should have made some sort of emoji indicator to let people know my original reply was sarcasm. 😛 


As for Disco, I think it’s quite likely that you were never in an ABS bucket while I definitely was and am. Increasing my credit limit lets them potentially lower overall risk in whatever really dirty bucket they have me in since I don’t really use my card. My high limit can balance out a bunch of $500 high risk limits and make the pool look better to investors. I imagine as my score continues to go up, they’ll continue to increase my limit. It doesn’t really matter in the end because just like my QS that started off as a Plat at $500 and now grew to $8250, I don’t use the limits I have. After groceries ends, Disco is gonna be SD probably the rest of the year. 


Credit is an interesting and sometimes very frustrating business. Figuring out why lenders make the decisions they do sometimes seems like monkeys and a dart board. 


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