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Citi AA mile up card edit: nevermind it was approved

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Citi AA mile up card edit: nevermind it was approved

Weird thing right I apped for the mile up card and got a 7 to 10 email but then I verified my phone number and got approved for $2200 but when I checked on my app status afterwards it says it's needs review? Has this happen to anyone thanks.

To the mods you can delete this post I already posted on the approval page thanks!

Fico 8 scores 100% on time payments 18% utilization tu inquirys 5 eq inquirys 4 ex inquirys 11:
Ex: 726 tu: 716 eq: 718
Aaoa is only 9months
Discover it cash back: $4500

Citi double cash: $1000
Fingerhut account: $800
Google store card : $1500
Amazon prime store card: $800
Citi AA Mile Up:$3700
American Express everyday: $2000
American Airlines WEMC: $6300
17k auto loan 6 year 10.99% interest loan
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