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Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card

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Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card

Hi All


Similar to others here in the community, I have received an invitation to apply for a Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card... As others have stated it is marketing material from a 3rd party. Being inquisitive, I popped in the invitation number and my last name... The application pops up with some of the feilds filled in, you know name, address etc... I scrolled all the way down to the disclosures and it listed a hard fixed number for the APR...


So my question is... Like other prequalified offers that come through with out the notorious range of possible APR...


Is the offer more like the AMEX ones that basically preappove you for that APR and then decides the limit? So is the fixed APR an indication of preapproval? Just curious? Thanks in advance...

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card

From the many posts I have read on this forum a fixed APR seems to always result in a favorable decision.

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card

OP, even the pre-selected invitations will contain the opt out/pre-screened language in addition to a 'solid' APR (no range). So, such indicative items are not always condition of a pre-approved offer.

The disclaimer still provides information that it's still subject to credit approval. So, it's up to you how you want to proceed.
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Re: Citi AAdvantage Mile Up Card

Remember also that there's a delay from Citi soft pulling your report, deciding to preapprove you, and mailing out the offer. Probably several weeks at least. So if your profile has changed (more inquiries or new accounts, or anything else) significantly since then, you can absolutely still be declined. A set APR indicates a pretty good chance of approval, but no guarantee.

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