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Citi Custom Cash App with no income

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Re: Citi Custom Cash App with no income


You've received some great responses and I'll add a few more.


First, you already have some great CCs, great FICO scores, and your UT is very low. Kudos to you!


Second, I agree that you should not waste a HP because 99.99% you will be denied for $0 income.


Third, just continue paying your bills on time and keeping your UT low until you get another job and then apply.


I believe in the long run that you will be happy you waited until you regain employment. 


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Re: Citi Custom Cash App with no income

I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply. Especially those who shared their own experiences. I made the decision to not app for now. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Re: Citi Custom Cash App with no income

$0 income never seemed to stop CC companies from making offers to college kids who clearly aren't on a salaried employees.


I think they would still consider your request if your bank account balance can support your credit worthiness. 

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