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Citi Diamond Preferred

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Citi Diamond Preferred

So the other night I pushed my luck and apped for the Citi Diamond. Due to my recent divorce I'm going to owe way more taxes than normal this April and knowing they're notorious for low starting limits and CLI's available every 6 months I tried my luck, thinking if denied I could try again in April.

I received this message:

We are still reviewing your application.

Thank you for your Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card application. We're still reviewing it. Depending on how quickly we're able to process your information, we may post a decision here in 24 hours, so feel free to check back then. We'll be in touch in approximately 7-10 days via mail or email with a decision.

Is this a verification they're going to ask for more information or is this a denial they just didn't want to tell me?

TIA for any info.
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I typed your message into the searchbar and immediately got this post:


Looks like a denial for most but I wouldn't bet on it 100%.  Apping on a Friday is tough because you can't call all banks right away for verification or recon.  Might have to call Monday, not sure how Citi's hours/days are.


Do you have any derogatories on your report?  More than 6 inquiries in the past year on whoever they pulled?  Any Citi prequalifications on their page?

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

It wasn't tonight it was I believe Wednesday night. I haven't been brave enough to call yet. I figured if I didn't receive a denial letter or something in the mail in the stated 7-10 days I will call. It's showing that they're reviewing the app checked it just now so who knows. I figured it to be a long shot anyway. And to answer your question I do have one paid collection they're supposed to remove as it was included in my divorce that was not the responsible party. And one inq from April one from June and one from Wednesday for blispay they pulled Ex. 14 inqs total but 10 will drop off in Feb from when I was moving and looking for apartments. And one from Aug of last year
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I wouldn't say it's denial as I got the same message.

I called in, they verfied some information and i was approved for 10k.

It wasn't a large CL, but seeing they issued me a AAdvantage card 2 months ago I'll take it for the 0% balance transfer/new purchase rate for 21 months.

I know i few days late since you app'd but I'd call in to check with them. They did tell me on the phone tonight that they have tightened their instant approval and need to verfiy most apps due to fraud.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I don't know how stringent Citi is these days - when I got the CDP over 5 years ago, I got the same e-mail reply.  At the time I was too shaky with handling credit, even though I had just bought my first house and I did not call in.  I received the card less than 2 weeks later with a small CL.  My scores were in the 720s and AAoA was over 7 years then.  Citi has been good to me over the years.  You can try and check app status here:

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

Anyone have any experience with getting an instant approval online and then them sending an email with same information OP said?


We'll be in touch soon

Thank you for your interest in the Citi Double Cash Card account. We're reviewing your application submitted on 04/18/2018 and will get back to you within 7-10 days.


Strange because the instant approved said I would receive the card in 7-10 days so perhaps they need to verify something?

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