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Citi Double Cash Denial - This happened a couple months ago

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Citi Double Cash Denial - This happened a couple months ago

This happened a couple months ago but I just want to get some input and to see if this has happened to anyone before.


I applied for a Citi Double Cash card in May of this year. I've since reapplied and have been accepted, but I was denied originally for what appeared to be a very trivial reason. When I originally applied I was given the typical we need to review your application, we'll get back to you in 7-10 days. I called the application inquiry line and they told me that they sent a letter and that was it. I called a few days later and the rep told me that they needed proof of income and to email my paystubs to their general email address and call back in 72 hours. After 3 days I called and the rep was able to further process my application but said I was denied because there was information that they could not verify, and to double check my credit report to make sure all the information was accurate, it was. I called again to see if they could give me more information on what exactly they weren't able to verify. The rep told me that he did not have the authority to tell me and to wait for the rejection letter which might have more information.


I waited a week for the rejection letter which told me the exact same thing that the rep read to me over the phone. I called in again and asked for a reconsideration and was transferred three times until I finally reached the executive review department. They were able to tell me that my address was flagged because I had only moved 6 weeks prior and my new address did not match what was in their proprietary system and they wouldn't tell me what sources they used to verify addresses. When I offered to send in documents to verify my address manually, I was told that they could not accept anything like that, and to try applying after waiting a couple months.


I ended up with a lot of wasted time and a hard pull on my credit report. What's really funny is the day after I called in for a reconsideration and was rejected, a targeted mailer for the DC card arrived in my mailbox. Luckily that mailer had an expiration of 7/15/19 so I was able to save it for when I applied again recently.

One question I have is why would they even bother with the income verification if my address was not verifiable in the first place? I would like to hear if anyone has any similar stories or experiences, even if it isn't Citi.

Total CL: $40,300


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Re: Citi Double Cash Denial - This happened a couple months ago

Sorry to hear about the Citi decline.

It really depends where the application got "stuck" within their processing queues. Often times, some internal departments are not in sync depending on the information that is required to further review the application data. One department can clear the income "exception" once they receive the required docs, for instance; but if the other piece of information hasn't been cleared or fully verified (i.e. address mismatch, ss# variation, alias, etc.), then the application may get declined altogether. Sometimes it feels like an endless loop and the process gets a little more convoluted whenever a 1st, 2nd or 3rd reconsideration or re-review takes place.

Of course, every institution will have their very own proprietary "flavors" in their applications' life cycle, since in a variety of instances they can go through many processing stages.
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Re: Citi Double Cash Denial - This happened a couple months ago

I have an income verification-related story that is not Citi, although, I think I'm in the Twilight Zone in this situation and it may not be relevant to anybody but me. There's a longer story, but short version is that I applied with Amex a bunch of times in a short period of time and got a denial, a cancellation, one that was both a denial and a cancellation depending whether I believe the online status tracker or the letter they mailed me, and (the reason I mention this) - a request for me to fill out the form to let them check my tax transcripts to verify my income. They told me that verifying my income would not guarantee approval. My belief is that they put me on a "naughty list" to make me stop applying for a while, rather than because they actually wanted to verify my income. Maybe a similar situation for the OP in some sense.


If you won't approve someone even if you verify their income, why would you bother verifying their income? Just deny and everyone can move on.

No derogs, but tons of inquiries and heavy credit-seeking behavior. In March of 2019, I had no open accounts, a charge-off, two collections, and scores in the low 500s. What I call the "thick build method" worked for me, but may not work for every situation.

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Card CLs total $85,100, not counting the AU card. The AU card brings the total to $110,100. In March 2019, card CLs totaled $0.

Closed but still on reports: ExxonMobil, $950, 10/08-02/11 (Equifax only) | Citi secured, $200, 04/19-09/19 | Capital One secured, $300, 04/19-08/19 | My Jewelers Club, $5,000, 05/19-08/19 | Green Dot Primor, $300, 05/19-08/19 | Self Lender secured $500 loan, 04/19-01/20 | Unsecured personal loan from Coastal, $1,000, 06/19-08/19.
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Re: Citi Double Cash Denial - This happened a couple months ago

What happened to the OP is an entirely different situation than yours, as in there weren't multiple applications in a very short period of time that may have resulted in flagging it altogether. Citi, just like AmEx, BoA or Capital One for instance, can request IV from the get-go absent multiple applications in less than 60 days.

Also, there isn't any proof that can substantiate AmEx acting in some retaliatory manner or placing you on a blacklist because of your actions. What likely happened was an AI algorithm that clearly detected a disconnect with the data provided given the multiple applications which in turn flagged one of your applications which prompted for the 4506-T consent.
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