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Citi Premier Card


Citi Premier Card

Hey, I just wanted to add to the forums a very interesting data point. I was waiting for my FICO account to shift over from an AU focus to on my personal cards in order to get one more card this school year to pay for tuition and reach SUB in one swoop (don't worry I have the cash on hand to pay off as soon as payment posts). With the elevated SUB that the Citi Premier has had for a decent while (80k), I wanted to take advantage before my Amex Gold shows up on my credit report as I'm able to transfer the points out to use for flights to and from my college to my home town, making me ~$600 to use for domestic flights even after the Citi Premier annual fee and 2.5% credit card processing fee. Plan for this card after the first year is to downgrade to the Custom Cash (for 5% category and no AF). 

I applied online, received 7-10 day message, called in, verified information and then was approved for $3,900 SL. Pretty interesting seeing as though I have a young (although not very thin file) and low income and was approved while I saw data points of people with much stronger profiles get rejected outright for the card. 



Experian Pull (4 HP pre application -> 5 HP post app) 

Experian FICO Score: 726 -> 723 (post APP)

Income: $24,000

Starting Credit Limit: $3,900

Personal Util: 2% (12% when AU balances and limits are taken into account) 

Age: 18 Smiley Happy

(which I was very surprised about and the customer service rep recommended that if I wanted a higher credit line I could call in as soon as my card comes in the mail and it won't be a hard pull so fingered crossed although it's already higher than expected)


Other cards along with opening date and credit lines, if anyone wants more data points, let me know because I wouldn't mind adding them to this post since I too find them them useful. Now for ~10 month of gardening for scores to slowly improve, util% to go even lower, tuition to be paid and SUB received (for this card + Amex Gold) both of which should not be an issue just by charging tuition to the card (I learned if I overpay, they just reimburse my bank account which I can then use to pay the cards off, effectively allowing me to create organic spend at 2.52% charge which is way less than SUB return)

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