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Citi Prestige Instantly Denied FICO 742

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Re: Citi Prestige Instantly Denied FICO 742

I was preapproved for Gold and Platinum from Amex (but I don't need them because I want a card that can be used in Europe and Amex is often not accepted and often has non-US exclusions). I am prequalified for the Citi Premier, not prequalified for anything on Chase. Looking at past posts I have seen one poster that was denied for the Citi Premier with a credit file similar to mine. I have a "feeling" that they don't like me for some reason and that may be the same for the Premier also, despite being prequalified. On The Recon call they were unable to tell me my chances for Premier Approval.


After some indecision between Premier and CSR... following the advice of who replied to my message, I decided to apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve despite not being preapproved and not having bank relationships with chase. This new application was not instantly approved, but it is in the "30 days" wait period. I am not calling recon unless it gets denied or the deaded 7-10 days message.


My Experian FICO8 score before applying for the CSR was 749 (strange it was higher than when I applied for Citi Prestige despite one hard pull). After the Chase HP, my Experian FICO8 score is now 741.

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Re: Citi Prestige Instantly Denied FICO 742

Give it some time.  It took me almost 2 years before I had anything on their pre-qual page and now I have 5 cards with them.

Personal Cards - Total Credit Line - $170,300:

Business Cards - Total Credit Line - $61,000:

Started my journey in the high 500's 10/1/2016
Current Fico: EQ:740 | TU:757 | EX:775

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Re: Citi Prestige Instantly Denied FICO 742

Crossing fingers for you!!
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Re: Citi Prestige Instantly Denied FICO 742

This is just an update to my data point. After receiving the "Prestige" second review denial I applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. After the HP (only Experian, no Equifax), I sent to the Citi prequalify website. It used to show all cards except for the Prestige. Now it shows zero. This means that either the Chase HP or the Prestige denial changed something on my profile so I am no longer prequalified for anything on Citi.


In the meantime my CSR application went to 30 days wait right after I applied. After one week is not at the dreaded 7-10 days wait. Previous data points show that this means that the card was not approved either because they don't like my profile (like Citi) or because they need to do some verification. This means I should start a new recon adventure again with Chase right?


I know I have a relatively thin/short profile even if score, income, inquiries are OK, but there are plenty of data points of people with similar profile getting accepted, that's why I applied.

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Re: Citi Prestige Denied (FICO 742), now trying Chase Sapphire Reserve

Called Chase reconsideration today, the first representative redirected me to verification department, they asked for my phone number and asked to mail, fax, or bring to a Chase branch a proof of social security number.


I went to the closest branch (I do not not have any accounts with them), they wanted the official verification letter (that I have not received yet). I had to politely insist a bit, telling that I was just doing what they asked me to do on the phone. After some weird looks, they asked for my ID and SSN card, faxed it, and told me that it usually takes 4 hours for it to be visible on the system if I call them again. They also told me that once verification is completed it will take up to 10 days for a decision to be made.

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Re: Citi Prestige Denied (FICO 742), now trying Chase Sapphire Reserve

Last update of my DP about the Citi Prestige odissey, that resulted in me wasting a HP, a lot of time with recon calls, and eventually trying for Chase Sapphire Reserve instead.


After waiting 4 hours after submitting the verification documents on the local Chase branch, I called the backdoor verification number (not recon). They wanted to verify again my phone number, they searched for my new documents and found them. I was then approved on the spot for the Chase Sapphire Reserve with 23.5k SL!!! During the call I received no questions about my job, income, credit history, address or any other things except for my name, SSN, and phone number.


Citi lost a customer and laughed at me by proposing their secured credit card instead, while Chase was happy to welcome me even if I did not have any other cards or bank accounts with them.


Thanks to everybody for the suggestions!

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Re: Citi Prestige Denied (FICO 742), now trying Chase Sapphire Reserve

Woot woot!! Congrats my man (or woman)! Citi is going through a weird thing right now internally so it’s best to stay with predictable Chase. Glad it all worked out in the end! Great SL too!!
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Re: Citi Prestige Denied (FICO 742), now trying Chase Sapphire Reserve

Congrats on finally getting approved for the other card @djdit.

Locking this thread as you have been approved for the other product. Feel free to start a new approval thread in the Approvals forum if you would like to do so.
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