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Citi Secured CC; what are my chances...

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Citi Secured CC; what are my chances...

Hello, i'm currently working on rebuilding my credit.


TU - 594, Equifax - 597, Experian - 579

No auto loans. 

8 student loan accounts all in good standing; they're deferred until next April but I have began paying on them. 

I have two accounts in collections--one was recently paid because I was served, and the other I have not yet touched. Both accounts are a little over a year old. 

I have a CO with Capitol One. It's an outstanding balance of $1,227 with 123% utilization. I'm beginning to pay it off this month. 


I applied for the Discover IT Secured CC last weekend & was approved. I'm so excited to help rebuild my credit. I want to apply for the Citi Secured CC but I'm a bit weary after reading a couple of posts. It's either a hit or a miss when it comes to getting approved and the wait time is so long. Do I even stand a chance? Thanks guys.

Rebuild in Progress
Starting Scores Aug 2017 .:.TU - 593, EQ - 597, EX - 579
Current Scores Dec 2018 .:. TU - 671, EQ - 687, EX - 640
GOAL .:. 740+

Discover It .:. $2,000
Citi Secured .:. $200
Capital One Platinum Preferred .:. $1,000
Target Red Card .:. $1,800
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Re: Citi Secured CC; what are my chances...

Few months ago I was denied for secured credit from Discover, BofA, and Citi due to BK and IIBK. Capital one denied me for secure and regular CC. Capital one was not IIBK.

Good luck and hope you'll get it!

EX 694
EQ 696
TU 695
BK 7 D/C Dec. '16.
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