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Citi bank Double cash back mc denial letter second time.

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Re: Citi bank Double cash back mc denial letter second time.

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You are mistaken about what you'll most likely get with a HP.

Took me a year to get my first SP increase on the Citi DC.

Don't remember the exact number but it was really small. I think it was $1000 or $1500.

Limit went up to $4000 or so.

I requested a HP CLI immediately after. Two hours later my limit was $20,000. 

After that, with SPs request it grew to a little over $30k. 

Inqs are temporary. I could have spent 10 years trying to grow it on SPs. Instead of 1 year. I'd say the 1 HP was well worth it.


Bingo a HP isnt the end of the world.  It use to require a HP for most lenders to get a CLI.  Losing a few points for a CLI if you really want one isnt the end of the world otherwise i speculate your CL on Citi and Discover and other cards are ample for your spending needs.  I just see alot of posts form you complaining about either Discover or Citi lack of CLI's and you can't understand why they won't give you one.  Probably because they see your limits sufficent to spend and income is likely the answer.

I'm not sure about Ms Disco! I make 6 times my SL and I use 50-95% of the credit limit. Lol

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