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Comenity Bank - Denied

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Comenity Bank - Denied

Applied for the Orbitz credit card - my credit score was 745. 


Denied - because I had too many inquiries. By that - I only had 3 prior to them checking my credit. They were auto loan inquires. 

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Re: Comenity Bank - Denied

Hi! Curious...why the Orbitz card?
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Re: Comenity Bank - Denied

Are the accounts in your siggy the only things on your report? If so you probably got denied due to a thin history. (Unless your report has late payments - if so, you probably got denied due to both.) This does surprise me though because most Comenity cards are easy to get.


Anyway, I would just try the Cap One prequal:

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Re: Comenity Bank - Denied

Most likely due to you not having any credit cards?
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Re: Comenity Bank - Denied

OP - Whenever banks state that as a reason - as some other forum member once stated and it stuck in my head - it really means "Too many inquiries based on the quality of your credit file" 


So if you do not have any cards - the Orbitz card is going to be a tough one to get - I have heard it is on the more difficult side - the benefits on this card are actually pretty decent and must cost Comenty quite a bit - so they are much more strict. 


Start with Banks that are more friendly to newer files - Amex/Discover and Capital One. Get 2 of those and then let them age 1 year or more - ideally 2 years - then you can get into the more "fancy" cards. 

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