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Commenity Ikea Visa 2 weeks

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Commenity Ikea Visa 2 weeks

I just applied for Ikea Visa card and received:
Thank you for your IKEA® Visa® credit card application. The information you provided is being reviewed. You may expect a reply by mail within 2 weeks.
I was just wondering if anyone had this experience and what was outcome.

Thank you
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Re: Commenity Ikea Visa 2 weeks

At best, 50/50.   If further verification is required, it will be provided via correspondence.  Otherwise, a decline.


ETA: mine ended up as an approval on 2 occasions, with the last one being the Orbitz Visa.  It was a verification letter. 

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Re: Commenity Ikea Visa 2 weeks

I have. Outcome; Denial. Comenity likes to use 2 weeks vs the standard 7-10 day. 



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