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Credit One PreQual Fail - Wrong CR pulled?

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Re: Credit One PreQual Fail

My CreditOne score is 74

I'll stick with FICO

3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>09/2019 CCT EX 829 TU 848 EQ 837
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Re: Credit One PreQual Fail - Wrong CR pulled?

@Dilbert934 wrote:

I saw in my USPS Informed Delivery that I was getting a solicitation from Credit One today, so I checked out their website and saw a prequal.  Tried it and failed miserably, but am a bit confused why.

Number of Auto Trades

I have ONE auto loan

Balances relative to credit limits reported on revolving accounts
I'm at 3.5 percent utilization


Balances relative to credit limits reported on revolving accounts and age of trades
I have one card with a 15% util.  Others are well below 8.9%.

AAoA is 20 years


Number of Inquiries
I have 2 EX.  One from August of 2017 and one from Nov 2018 which was for an Apartment lease.


Now this one is the kicker....
Credit Score: 332


My last EX that was pulled by Amex on 4/4 was 733!  WTH?  Could they have pulled the wrong file from EX?

Yikes man, don't bother with Credit One. They are notoriously bad. 

Starting Score: 600
Current Score: 657
Goal Score: 720

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