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DENIED Amex Gold .. I dont understand the reason

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Re: DENIED Amex Gold .. I dont understand the reason

Hi op. 


It took me forever to get into the AmEx family, that’s how it felt anyways. I have had luck getting the Blue Cash Preffered with a lower score then yours but also a better uti. It took 6 plus months afterwords for me to get approved for the platinum card and I opted for a new gold card 60 days after that. I believe they want swipes and on time payments in order to succeed with them.  Have faith in the long term. It’s worth it!!!!

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Re: DENIED Amex Gold .. I dont understand the reason

I got approved lately for 2 with $1K CL and even had some rocky past with Amex on terms of late payments etc and a small settlement. Lately I've been hitting them good with purchases paying my rent for $1000 then paying it right off getting those bonus offers and using it a little here there for items then paying it off. Trying to get back on good terms with AMEX. 

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Re: DENIED Amex Gold .. I dont understand the reason

Lates are gonna be a red flag I would imagine especially seeing that it’s a charge card and they want their money back when it’s due. I agree with others posting here, give it some time for your credit to update and age a little and should be in with Amex in no time. They’re honestly my favorite creditor next to NFCU!!
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