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Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....

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Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....


Anyone seen one of these? I have a Comfort Suites card with Barclays but on our recent trip to Australia I bought tickets to Kauai. Hawai’in Airlines was offering a refund of $800.00 if approved. Geez that would pay for the tickets. So I applied and got a denial. I was confused since my score on all 3 are in the range of 705-720. I got home and read the letter. Kinda confused. Yes I had credit on my Comfort Suites card but I wanted the “Free tickets”.


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Re: Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....

The letter IMHO basically means they have extended you the maximum or what they are comfortable with at this time. Something on your profile is either keeping them at bay or they are being cautious.

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Re: Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....

Sorry to hear about your denial OP. Score and internal history is not everything with Barclays. Credit age, income, and overall credit exposure does. Maybe they feel that you have sufficient available credit across all of your other accounts. You can transfer some of your available credit from your other Barclays card if allowed. If they approve it, then you may still be able to get your sign up bonus.

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Re: Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....

Cyberbo60 there are many good posts on your situation. But, in reading around and based on my own experiences, you may want to contact the Barclay underwriters and share your goal. Several posters over time have found the Barclay back room friendly and often times helpful (they can adjust on the computer from time to time). RECON. Sent you a PM with a back room telephone number.

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Re: Denial letter from Barclays. Confused....

Thank you so much .
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