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Denied for BoA card; phone call the next day

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Re: Denied for BoA card; phone call the next day

@8bitmachinegun wrote:
I recently tried to apply for a Bank of America cash rewards card but was denied. The weird thing was their ‘soft-pull’ pre-approval web page told me I was qualified to get the card. So my question would be, what does the hard pull tell them that the soft pull doesn’t.

And weirdly the next day I got a call from Bank of America. I was on a phone interview, so I couldn’t take it. When I called back it seemed like a standard customer service menu. Why in earth would they call me? I know they send out a letter with the reason for denial. Are they calling now instead?

This sucks. All of these institutions should do a better job of making sure they're only marketing to people they actually want to approve. Unfortunately it's easier to spam everyone into applying and then just vetting them when they pull the trigger. I also have a lot of false hope built up by the advertising and just let the garden remind me to hold off and not waste my HPs until I'm almost certain I'll be approved.


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Re: Denied for BoA card; phone call the next day

I would recommend calling them back for a reconsideration of your application. I applied for their Cash Rewards card a few months back and was denied. I called the same day for reconsideration and was denied. I opened a checking and savings account with them and put a few thousand in it and called a month back. Instant approval without a new hard pull.  

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